Aethra Xtreme 300 - High Definition "HD"

Xtreme 300 is the enhanced HD video conferencing system with top of the range performances and an elegant Italian design by Paolo Villa Studio visible in each detail: from set-top to the customized camera, from Graphic User Interface to the new remote control. The high experience of Aethra and the focus on innovation make Xtreme 300 a perfect system to maximize HD video communication. AethraIt is suitable for video conference sessions in medium and large video conferencing rooms.


New Graphic User Interface simple, immediate and elegant, extremely easy to use also thanks to the new remote control.

Extreme Performances

New enhanced features, full HD system (1080p), superior audio quality, full HD data sharing.

Extreme Flexibility

High system modularity: from the embedded MCU (4 or 9 sites) to the video resolution up to 1080p software option.

Highest performances and excellent quality

Video resolution up to 1920x1080 (1080p), excellent audio quality with unique 20 kHz G.719 audio coding, graphic resolution up to 1920x1200 (WUXGA) make Xtreme 300 the professional system for the best HD video communication.

Refined design in each detail

Each detail is carefully studied for a pleasant and refined video communication experience.

New Graphic User Interface and very high usability

Xtreme 300 features a completely renewed and enhanced GUI: several transparency levels for menu and information, video images in full screen, colored buttons to access the most used functions. Everything was designed to make Xtreme 300 very easy to use.

Modularity and expandability

The basic system features a video resolution up to 720p30. Many options can be added to reach the top technical level: video resolution up to 1080p30, MCU up to 4 or 9 sites, band- width up to 12 Mbps, connection up to 768 kbps over ISDN BRI or up to 2 Mbps over ISDN PRI.

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