Aethra Vega X1 - Standard Definition

Vega® X1 is the entry-level set-top, designed by the Paolo Villa Studio, ideal for SOHO - Small Office Home Office - environments. Completely interoperable with Unified Communication platforms, it guarantees professional performance over IP (2Mbps) and ISDN networks for high-quality videoconferencing.Aethra performance over IP (2Mbps) and ISDN networks for high-quality videoconferencing.


The best solution for small or home offices and small businesses

Supports multiple connectivity

Available for connections up to 128 kbps over ISDN BRI* and 2Mbps over IP, both for H.323 or SIP networks

Multilingual interface

Supports 19 different languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic.

Quality, Design, Innovation

Italian design and use of eco compatible materials make it a elegant and environmentally friendly system.

Vega X1 SD
Vega X3 SD
Vega X5 SD
Vega X7 HD
Xtreme HD
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