Video Surveillance

The JKC knowledge in video communication now expands to video surveillance and security systems, comprising IP network/digital video CCTV systems and door entry. Technology advances in video surveilance equipment means more is possible and security systems become stronger. With a good video surveilance system you can reduce the risk of break in or premise damage.

Video Surveillance

Whether you want a new video surveillance system installation or an upgrade on an existing system, we can review the options and offer you recommendations that are both high quality and extremely cost effective.

From Home Security systems to Business Security systems to Hospital video surveillance and monitoring, to door entry, we can accomodate your every need.

We have a broad customer base, which includes, hospitals, Government Research Establishments, Ships, Domestic, Retail, Commercial and Industrial Premises.

Our engineers are trained and professionally qualified. Installations are carried out to the highest standard and to an agreed specification, providing you with a discrete but effective system using concealed cabling wherever practicable.

Closed Circuit Television CCTV

CCTV is a truly effective deterrent and can be very cost efficient. With technology available today, images captured by CCTV cameras can not only be recorded locally, but transmitted as it happens to a client's head office, and Alarm Receiving Centre or viewed by an authorised person using a standard computer connected to a PC network, or the internet.

Access Control

Access control can be as simple as a lock, but JKC supply systems which can selectively allow or restrict access according to an individual's identity and this can vary according to the time and date. The systems we use employ a wide variety of ID reading technologies, fom encoded access cards to fingerprint or retina scan devices.

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