Polycom VSX 5000

IP Calls = 768Kbps, DIGITAL Pan Tilt Zoom camera, S-Video or Composite Monitor out, Phono audio out.

Entry-level compact video conferencing solution for small meeting spaces:
  • Ideal for smaller conference spaces and groups
  • Excellent price performance
  • Premium video and audio performance, with essential functions
  • Easily share data with all conference participants
  • Connects to any TV or XGA display, and operated by Polycom universal remote
Polycom VSX5000

Ideal for smaller conference spaces, the new entry-level Polycom VSX 5000 set-top system delivers market-leading video and audio quality at an affordable price. A real space-saver, it sits conveniently on top of TVs, high-resolution plasma screens, or LCD displays. You can easily add a peripheral (document camera, or VCR/DVD), dual monitors, and audio-only callers through ISDN or the SoundStation VTX 1000®. In fact the VSX 5000 gives you multiple ways of dialling conference attendees and delivering various types of content (for example, pictures, presentations, audio files). Connection options include IP (H.323 and SIP) and ISDN dialling, so you can utilize the VSX 5000 in a variety of conference environments.

The VSX 5000 is also well-suited for educational resource rooms where smaller groups of students meet with a remote educational specialist, and remote medical clinics that deliver specialist care to patients hundreds of kilometres from home.

Polycom VSX5000 SolutionThe VSX 5000 includes features and benefits such as a user interface in 15 languages, multiple ways to add content, and dual monitor emulation for single display solutions. Choose either a VGA display or a TV as your main display, whichever suits your conferencing environment. The ISDN option enables you to add ISDN conferencing capability as well, and the dual monitor option allows you to show people in one display and shared content in the other display.

Add simplicity and reduce conference table clutter by taking advantage of the Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 integration with the VSX 5000. This integration gives users the ability to dial, hang up and mute a video conference right from the conference phone. Since the SoundStation VTX 1000 acts as the stereo microphone as well as a standalone conference phone, there is no need for any other microphone on the table. Plus, dedicated stereo audio outputs enable easy implementation of Polycom's StereoSurround™ technology, which separates multiple voices with conversational stereo.

Polycom VSX 5000 Benefits

Superior, natural sound – Polycom StereoSurround delivers crisp, natural voice clarity - even when multiple parties are speaking simultaneously - by using dual channel, Siren 14 technology

Outstanding video – Premium quality video at any bandwidth with smooth natural motion and sharp, clear images. Employs standard-based H.264 compression and Pro-Motion™ video for optimal viewing

Multimedia made easy – Show high-res images or presentations in your meetings while also sharing video. And, you can share PC content cable-free using Polycom’s unique People+Content™ IP technology

Reliability – Integrated electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera has fewer moving parts and therefore offers more reliability, while offering functionality similar to mechanical PTZ cameras

Secure Conferencing – Ensuring your video conferences are secure and private through embedded encryption via secure video, audio and data traffic; secure web management, protection against unauthorized access (web, telnet, FTP).

Complete solution packages - Combine the VSX 5000 with any of Polycom's attractive furniture display options to create a total meeting room solution

The Polycom Solution – Everything you need to deploy and manage a complete video conferencing network with Polycom ReadiManager ® SE 200, Polycom Global Management System™, Polycom PathNavigator™, Polycom Conference Suite™ and the Polycom MGC™

Polycom VSX 5000 Features


G.722.1 Annex C (based on Polycom Siren™ 14)

  • 14 kHz crystal clear, wideband audio, while only using 24-48 Kbps of bandwidth, depending on the data rate of the call
  • Eliminates fatigue associated with straining to hear every word
  • Near CD-quality sound for dynamic audio performance
  • Superb clarity to hear the subtleties of every word
  • Rated the best audio algorithm in the industry; outperforming MPEG4 in all tests
  • Included with every VSX system
  • For more detailed information, see www.polycom.com/siren14

Polycom StereoSurround™

  • 2 channels of 14 kHz crystal clear audio
  • Superb clarity to hear the subtleties of every word
  • Easily decipher multiple, simultaneous conversations
  • Distinguish which side of the room people are talking from, just like in a real meeting

SoundStation VTX 1000® Integration

  • Use the SoundStation VTX 1000 as the microphone for the video system, as well as a standalone audio conferencing phone, and eliminates the VSX tabletop microphone array
  • Add POTS voice-only callers to a video conference with the SoundStation VTX 1000
  • Maximize the value of audio and video equipment investments when used together
  • Remarkable voice pickup range with the SoundStation VTX 1000 microphones - you can additionally use the SoundStation VTX 1000 extension microphones for even greater pickup
  • Video dial, mute, call hang up and call redial from the SoundStation VTX 1000 keypad
  • Upgrade an audio call between SoundStation VTX 1000 integrated with your VSX to video by simply pressing one button
  • Supports StereoSurround

VSX Microphone Array

  • 360° audio pickup
  • Padded feet filter out table-top noise
  • Sensitive enough to pick up whispers, smart enough to eliminate unwanted background noise
  • Versatile and attractive design for table top, wall or ceiling mount
  • Only one VSX microphone array needed to support StereoSurround
  • Gated enhanced stereo pickup

Audio Error Concealment

  • Reduced audio drop-out on noisy networks
  • Smooth, consistent verbal communications without interruptions
  • Corrects audio from any system seamlessly
  • Activates automatically, only when needed


H.264 Video

  • Use less bandwidth to conduct video calls of equal quality compared to calls using the H.263 standard
  • Unparalleled video quality for lower line rate applications
  • More bandwidth is available for other business
  • Cost savings to any organization
  • Supported at data rates from 64Kbps to 768Kbps

Pro-Motion™ H.263 (receive only)

  • Full-screen, TV-like video quality with fluid, precise motion handling
  • Greater image detail with 50/60 fields per second
  • Most natural video communications experience possible

Single Monitor XGA Support

  • Use a XGA display for main display
  • Clearly see both the presenter and the content on a single display in XGA resolution
  • Flexibility in configuration, allowing users the display of their choice
  • Supports up to 1024 x 768 resolution

Support for 16:9 or 4:3 Format

  • User selectable display format
  • 16:9 aspect ratio with Dual Monitor Emulation is perfect for plasma displays
  • High resolution graphics displays for content presentation
  • Option to zoom video to fit the 16:9 display

Video Error Concealment

  • Reduced video drop-out on busy IP networks
  • Smooth, continuous video without interruptions
  • Maintain active face-to-face contact
  • Accomplish meeting objectives without worrying about the video integrity
  • Activates automatically, only when needed

Content Sharing

People+Content™, H.239

  • Polycom People+Content or standards based H.239 ensures interoperability in the industry
  • Dual images allows the far end to see the presentation and the speaker at the same time
  • Using Polycom's Visual Concert VSX, easily attach a laptop and display PC content during a video call
  • Perfect for outside speakers/visitors to be able to easily add content to a video conference

People+Content IP

  • Simply input the IP address of your VSX 5000 into a small utility and PC content is easily shown to all conference participants
  • This feature can be used by anyone in the conference, even voice only participants!

Adjustable Bandwidth for Content

  • Choose the amount of bandwidth to dedicate to Content or People
  • Options include 90% Content/ 10% People; 50% Content/ 50% People; 10% Content/ 90% People
  • User adjustable setting can be accessed both during a call and outside of a call

User Interface

Support for API Control Commands

  • Custom control touch panel integration including AMX® or Crestron® is made easy with extensive support for API command set
  • Integrator’s Reference Manual for VSX Series details over 200 commands for special applications
  • Sample control templates are available for touch panel integration that provides basic functionality right out of the box

Calendar & Call Scheduler

  • Quick and easy access to a monthly calendar with current date and time posting
  • Schedule individual or repeat meetings to dial automatically
  • Create and save multipoint team meetings

Customisable Home Page

  • Display only the necessary buttons
  • Unique design to meet your organization’s needs
  • Simplified graphical interface for novice users
  • Easy to understand icon driven menu navigation decreases learning curve
  • Kiosk Mode allows you to create a look and feel that suits your application
  • Leads to increased use of video

Dual Monitor Emulation

  • Use Dual Monitor Emulation for the most efficient use of a single display
  • View near and far video windows at the same time
  • Alternate layout views supporting near end, far end and content

User Selectable Camera Icons

  • Use icons that represent your industry
  • Intuitive icons match the input device
  • Custom name gives the icon clear meaning
  • Selection – 5 libraries to choose from
  • Decreases learning curve

Display Configuration Choices

  • Allows you to configure displays for your application
  • Single or dual displays
  • XGA or NTSC / PAL
  • 4x3 or 16x9 formats
  • Decide what shows on each display, near end, far end, or content

Platform Versatility

Integration with Microsoft® Live Communications Server (LCS) via SIP

  • Integrates directly with Microsoft collaboration infrastructure
  • Registers and authenticates with Microsoft LCS 2005
  • VSX users can be added to Microsoft Communicator
  • Presence information sent to LCS indicating video buddies' availability
  • You can use your Buddy list to launch calls from the VSX 5000 user interface

Multiple cameras supported

  • Provides flexibility and choice
  • Second camera can be easily added, and selected in the user interface
  • Add document camera, VCR/DVD or any other second video source to bring another dimension to any video conference

Secure FTP, Telnet and Web

  • VSX systems are the most secure video conferencing solutions in the industry
  • Now, all access to the VSX system can be secured including accessing the VSX system via web-browser as well as secure telnet and ftp access via SSH for secure system administration and application connectivity

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

  • Communications are confidential and secure
  • Authentication by the National Institutes of Standards means it's credible
  • Built-in, no extra hardware required

H.460 NAT/Firewall Traversal

  • Standards compliance for traversing NATs and Firewalls
  • Session border controller (V2IU) is only needed at the central location and all VSX systems with H.460 can communicate through the single V2IU
  • Uses H.460.18 for signaling traversal and call establishment and H.460.19 for media traversal

IP (H.323 and SIP), ISDN or Serial Connectivity

  • IP is standard and you choose the H.320 interface best for your application
  • Choose the right option for your specific network connection
  • Supports UPnP and NAT for automatic setup of conferences conducted through firewalls
  • Wide range of IP QoS services to insure call quality and integrity
  • Optional H.320 interfaces include Quad BRI

Multiple Use RS-232 Port

  • RS-232 port
  • Camera control, Polycom or others
  • Transparent data pass-thru in H.320 or H.323
  • Peripheral options from Polycom Custom Products

E-Mail dialling format when dialling across

  • IP security boundaries
  • Easy and intuitive E-mail video dialling
  • Operates with Polycom's V2IU™ Firewall Traversal Appliance
  • Deployable to wide range of customers, suppliers and partners


Part of Polycom’s Unified Collaborative Communications

  • Remote management through Global Management System™
  • MGC Click & View™ offers a variety of layout templates for multipoint call right from the system’s handheld remote
  • Extended conferencing with Polycom PathNavigator™
  • Schedule, invite participants and manage conferences easily with Polycom Conference Suite
  • Expand meeting capabilities by adding voice-only participants using the SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phone
  • Use the Polycom SE200 for management, scheduling and gatekeeping


  • Solid, reliable platform
  • Qualified by independent test labs
  • Interoperates with other vendor's systems
  • Easy to install even in a multi-vendor environment

Baseline Mode

  • Set your system to baseline mode, H.261 and G.711, for maximum interoperability with legacy video conferencing systems
  • Accessible via web, FTP or on-screen UI for easy access by the network administrator
  • Can be turned on and off as needed

Cost Effective Solutions

Polycom VSX5000

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