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Life stream delivers live medical and surgical procedures to remote locations in real time over secure high quality video. This offers a perfect solution for MDT Meetings reducing travel overhead and at the same time improving patient care.

MDT Meeting trialist, Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital NHS Trust, what did they think of the product and benefits A full report on Life Stream website, a pdf copy of the magazine

Life StreamWith increased pressures put on clinicians to deal with a greater number of cases per year, there has never been a time when volume and speed of accurate diagnosis and management has been quite so relevant. The Life Stream solution enables consultants to review patient information quicker remotely and it is showing a 27% decrease in waiting times for surgery, also increasing the number of patients who are refered for surgery by 27%.

These improvements are outlined in this medical paper, released publication.

With virtually no delay any patient information can be transmitted pixel for pixel to anywhere else you need. This allows both routine and critical patient diagnosis at the click of a switch and can save lives. Now making MDT meetings possible remotely saving valuable time and increasing patient care. A "World First" said the BBC

Below are a couple of links to the live broadcast on BBC News, BBC Live news item, BBC Web Content

Due to the unique streaming methods used, any procedure or patient information that clinicians are discussing can be streamed live to the lecture theatre / training device allowing any number of students to watch. The Life Stream system can be integrated with any exisiting sound and vision set up, bringing live procedures directly to many students.

- Interacts with all medical devices

- Provides greater than HD quality

- Record / reverse and pause and forward functionality

- Full mobility

- Simple to use

- Touch screen

- NHS N3 network compatible

- Full parts and labour warranty

- Ensures complete confidentiality

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