LifeSize Telepresence Conference 200

High Definition "Telepresence" Videoconferencing system, Supported HD resolutions: 1080p@30fps, 720p@60fps, 720p@30fps. Supports multiple screens, multiple cameras, H.239 data.

Introducing LifeSize Conference 200 - Superior telepresence is now achievable beyond the board room.

Now more users in more places can realize the benefits of telepresence. LifeSize Conference 200 is the next step in telepresence with Full HD video, 1/3 the bandwidth of comparable solutions and designed for deployment beyond the fixed telepresence suite.

With the LifeSize Conference 200 solution, you get the most advanced technology and most immersive experience available today: Full HD standards-based 1080p30 and 720p60. Share documents and data in full motion, high definition with 720p30 dual streams.

Users can choose between telepresence mode and video conferencing mode - providing the flexibility to create a telepresence experience or to use the full functionality of a LifeSize Room, including embedded MCU with transcoding, to connect up to 6 people on-demand. With built-in AMX panel software, calling is easy with one-button dialing.

LifeSize Conference 200 means the end of costly, proprietary telepresence solutions that are too expensive and too

With LifeSize Conference, telepresence is now accessible beyond the board room

Built on a superior technology architecture, LifeSize Conference is the first telepresence suite that can be tailored to your environment. The LifeSize video communications platform is engineered to deliver a superior experience in any environment, giving you the power to choose the ideal configuration that fits your style, your communication needs and your budget.

By optimizing the technology instead of controlling the environment, LifeSize Conference lets you extend an immersive, authentic and natural communications experience beyond the boardroom to your essential knowledge workers.

LifeSize Conference includes high definition video codecs, multiple cameras and wide band audio, plus a custom design and configuration guide to insure optimal installation and use. Immersive communications experience. Unique flexibility. Unmatched price-performance. LifeSize Conference. awkward to deploy throughout your organization. LifeSize Conference 200 telepresence tailored to your environment.

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Team 220/200
Room 220/200


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