How can you go Green with Video Conferencing

JKC Can reduce your Co2 Emmissions and save you money!

It is no suprise to any business that the use of video conferencing can both reduce travel expenditure and also enhance communication.

So why doesn't every business have Video Conferencing?

Desktop Video ConferencingUp until now video conferencing has always come at a price, sometimes not within the reach of a businesses budget. With the increase in quality and lower prices in today's market along with JKC's approach, video conferencing should not cost you a penny.

So How can JKC achieve this?

JKC has expanded their knowledge with a specialist finance arm of the business enabling fleixible finance options for video conferencing implementation. Bringing costs down to a monthly amount, that fits with the savings achieved with this technology can enable a business to start saving on a monthly basis from day one, with no large start up budget required.

Total Product - Installation - Warranty and Support

JKC's aim is the build a partnership with their customers to achieve this cost effective approach with high service levels, on site installations and ongoing warranty and support, for the latest video conferencing technology.

% Reduced Monthly Travel Costs - Monthly Video Costs = Savings

If you can deploy video conferencing within your business to save a percentage of your travel budget, at a cost per month less than the savings, then you will from day one be saving money.

With the reduced travel you will also be lowering your Co2 Emmissions, all from actual savings you are making month to month. It seems a win win situation!!

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